Below you will find my CV. I am a qualified English- Spanish  translator with several years of experience. I specialize in theology and family law and immigration law going from certificates to books.

Apart from that, I am married to an Ecuadorian lady, we have three English (by birth) children and are a right melting pot of cultures. I play the guitar and sing with varying degrees of success depending on what child of mine you ask. I read pretty much whatever falls on my hands and I try to alternate between English and Spanish. Also I love playing table tennis and music should always be on the background. My wife is convinced that I am going through some life crisis which is the reason why I enjoy harder rock nowdays than when I was at the “acceptable age” to do so.

Christian by conviction, I am pretty involved in my local church.

Based in the UK, I have learnt that very few things are not made so much better with a good cup of tea.

Translator cv Oct 2015


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