You want me to go where?

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That I love languages, with my background, should not be a surprise. Ever since I started learning languages, I thought that it was the epitome of cool, the code that cool people used to pass between themselves their secret messages. I remember I used to look longingly at how the kids of our pastor (Scottish himself) chatted away in English. To me, learning languages has been one of those things that, same as having CDs and books, can’t do enough. I remember how it felt the first time that I was able to read a proper book in anything else than Spanish and how exciting it felt. It was like being able to enter a whole new universe at will.

One of my teachers of English, the one that taught me to love expressions and words and to cherish the language, once explained to me her theory of how languages are the way they are. She explained to me that languages are nothing but a reflection of the history of the people who use it. That would be why the Spanish languages is relaxed and laid back with our love of sun and food; the English being historically used to cunning and always protecting their island, hence phrasal verbs; etc…

But part of the language game is to understand that a language is not simply a collection of words that correspond to another language, but somehow to understand that language is the fabric and thread that weaves through individual and collective experiences. And that sometimes, there are ways of expressing things that just do not make any sense in our mother tongue. The writers of “From lost to the river”, a book that makes fun of the Spanish people trying to learn English and their revenge  is to literally translate Spanish expressions into English. It is more fun that it actually looks like, I promise. So here I came across this post from someone that did the same. You gotta love languages!


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