New beginnings

It has been a very long while since I last wrote here. Hand in heart, I can say that I have either been working or exhausted, and therefore unable to write anything and let alone to write anything that would make any sense whatsoever.

My translation/ interpreting business has picked up massively which is why I stopped blogging. I got a contract to work 23 hours a week translating ( yaayyy!) and transcribing (booo!) for a Nigerian church which has proven really good and challenging (good challenging). It is helping me to be more creative in my translating process within serious constraints. I am really enjoying it. Specially since I have discover a new passion for translation that I was not aware that it was there. Loving it! Also, I am getting a lot more one-off direct clients to translate serous documents like deeds of settlements and things like that. Not the most cheerful of topics but interesting nevertheless. Also, the interpreting side of things seems to have picked up, and I have been having regular gigs both for family law affairs (office appointments, hearings,…) and also at churches. I am in fact interpreting this Sunday at a Church I had not interpreted before. Another branch is slowly growing as well and that is the one of proof-reading. I think I enjoy it, although not as much as I thought I would be. It definitely gives me a break from the day.

On the not so cool side of things and most assuredly, boring and tedious, is paperwork. I had a grear scare thinking that I had to fill in my tax return now, but it turns out that I have an extra year to do so. I will do it any way in February, just because I need to buy quite a lot of equipment the almost urgently (mainly computers) and I need the rebate. Christina, my wife and constant life saver (the patience in that woman should be able to make her qualify to be part of that Stan Lee’s TV show on Superhumans) has agreed to do the accounts and bookkeeping and take everything to the accountant. She is so good, absolutely God’s gift to me. Will post more about it in February!

Next week, I will be in Nigeria meeting colleagues and the ministry I work with so, my next post will be from the plane and with a distinctly African accent.


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