Sueño con diclofenac

Sueño con diclofenac

The Cuban new song singer songwriter Silvio Rodríguez wrote this song “Sueño con serpientes” (I dream of snakes) and it has all these symbolism about horrible stuff, that can only be caused by poisoning of some sort, be it self-inflicted or not. The things is that for the last month, due to kidney stone treatment that I have been going through, I have had to take loads of medicines and painkillers that have me dream with all sorts of things! Naughty kidney stones. Very naughty.

Having said that, I have been able to complete a couple of translations (here goes one of them :  No vendas el Evangelio ), completed a couple of tests, and contacted about getting steady translation work for SCOAN ministries. We’ll see where that takes us. Also I interpreted at MBNRU on Sunday for a preacher from Mississippi. ( That was challenging, although it was really nice to meet with old friends. On the other hand, that contract to proofread seems to have fallen through, which is very disappointing because we were expecting to have my wife have her hours reduced while I covered the rest of the hours. Nevermind. Having said that it would have been quite difficult to produce quality work with the amount of tablets that I have been taking during the last month!

What I have been able to complete was the registering of myself as self-employed and get everything ready to present my tax return papers on time. Which I thought I had to do this week and turns out that I do not have to do it until January! I am glad that I have to do this paperwork in England and not in Spain. Burocracy in Spain is the closest thing to purgatory…

Another thing that I have started last week was to play table tennis after 3 years. It shows! But it was good fun and hopefully I will be able to keep it up. Christina is really patient and allow to do it. She is so good. 🙂

So targets for this week were finish paperwork with HMRC (check), chase proofreading people (check but nothing came out of it) and to start bookkeeping and finish sample to SCOAN. Should be fine and on target.


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