And summer finally came…

One of the things that I feel the most about being in the UK, and specially with regards to the kids and school, is how short summer holidays are. And, understandably, having grown up in Spain, I did enjoy my three months of summer holidays. Not just because of the length of holidays, but because of the heat. I miss the heat and feeling it on my skin. The feeling that you are breathing in fire rather than out is just awesome. In the UK, the schools have really short summer holidays, about 6 weeks, and as normally happens, or at least that is what my memory tells me, it rains for quite a good chunk of those 6 weeks. Warmth has literally just started about a week ago and heat about 3 days ago! What I actually want to say is that, it is really unlucky if you have to work in the couple of days were the Sun come out to play. And that is exactly what has happen to me. And I am not complaining about the fact that I have been working pretty much non-stop for the last couple of weeks, for which I am both excited and grateful, but for the fact that I have missed quite a lot of the only sunshine we have had in the year! A couple of weeks ago I was in Oxford for two days interpreting at a hearing and today, I finished translating a project about environmental regeneration at the Doñana Park in southern Spain. It was quite intense and I have been pretty much locked in until I finished the thing. It was also an interesting project to be personally as I still remember the accident that made possible the document that I have just translated. It was about the regeneration of Doñana after the spill of the waste pool a few years ago. But I have the images engraved in my mind. Also, I went to interpret to a lawyer’s office and tomorrow I have another family law hearing. Although I certainly do not enjoy it, I am getting a lot better at hiding my feelings or at least, at not getting affected as much as I did at the beginning.

With regards to the other bit I do, Spanish classes, I had one on Monday and another one on Thursday. So as I said, pretty full on couple of weeks. Drawbacks? I still have not finished the other two translations that I offered to do as a volunteer. I hope to have one done and to start the other one by Friday. And I almost forgot, another agency has contacted me to join their database and to work from home. My wife is very happy! (And that makes me happy too)


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