Superman and Oxford…

I had a really good week last week. On Monday, I had a lesson but all in all, I had a pretty busy week. My birthday was on Wednesday and my wife was off which was really nice. She took me to a greasy spoon for breakfast and after doing a lot of paperwork and picking our younger daughter from school, having a nice little lunch and a walk, we picked the other two kids and went to the cinema. We saw Superman. I can only say that probably my wife enjoyed it a lot more than I did and I wonder why! The boys also loved it though, although probably for different reasons altogether.

The rest of the week, Thursday and Friday, I spent in Oxford. I was interpreting at a family law hearing. This meant very long days, both interpreting and driving due to London’s horrible access roads. Having said that, it was a very nice to properly work and feel productive. Also, Oxford, being the very nice city that it is, graced us with all sorts of weather and sunny was present! Also, I saw some of the most impressive buskers in a long time. With regards, to the actual interpretation, it was a very sad affair. I should be back next week to find out what is the final outcome and whether my client will regain contact to his kids again.

Today, I had an interview for a project in August. Let’s hope for the best and that they reconsider the post to have a freelancer who can work from home. 

As far a the Gospel Foundation goes, I need to finish one that they sent me last week and I need to start that book. I need to have it done before the holidays.


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