Another week bites the pollen

I just don’t seem to get into the rhythm of things. Partially because of circumstances beyond my control but also because I have found myself doing other things that have taken more time than expected. To start with my middle son had a really bad allergic reaction to hayfever which meant that he could not go to school for two days (Bless him, he looked like he was going to burst is he came any closer to a prickle or something) and then my eldest and youngest children were also sick on Friday, so that was another day out of action. On the other hand, paperwork seemed to have got the best of me. Council tax, car garage, failed MOT and repairs and car tax came out all in just the same amount of time. (Eeeeek!)

However, not all was defeat and gloom and I managed to do translation related things. Last Saturday, I attended a network/translators gathering in Central London which was interesting. This group is led by a former classmate of mine and has now started running this project on the business side of the business (i.e: It will not teach you how to translate, but what to do so that you can run your business) This project is called The Freelance Box and you can check it here. Also, I finished a translation for the Gospel Foundation. As soon as it goes live, I’ll put it in here. For the coming week, I have to prepare for a two-days hearing in Oxford. I hope it goes well for the guy I am interpreting for. I shall write more about it next week. It also my birthday week and my wife has a couple of days off and she has promised me a surprise. Quite looking forward to it!


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