And then, the end will come (i)

My weeks vary constantly and more often than not, I do not know what it will look like until the very last minute. And this week has been a slow one.

Also, it did not help that my wife was at home most of the week, that we had a Bank Holiday and that one of my children was sick for three days. This meant that I did not find the strength to (or the skill, or the will) to juggle everything and be more productive. Having said that, I have managed to find out about how to become self-employed and how it all works, I have started this blog as a way to verbalize my progress and to finish a small translation almost on time, for which once I receive the link, I will share it.

Why the title? Because the week, as I have mentioned, has been all over the place. I always find it difficult to finish a crazy week if I feel that I have not achieved what I thought I could have done. If I actually do not manage to generate income, as has been the case this week, I need to be able at least to work on promoting myself, apply to commissions, etc…

Here is to a better week!




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